Then and Now

- Apr• 11•14

Rev. Dick LeonardAll Souls Minister Emeritus and impresario Richard Leonard ’79 and forty other people celebrated the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Claire and Ludwig “Lud” Pisapia recently at a performance of the Halcyon String Quartet. Dick married the couple on February 22, 1964, in the chapel of Community Church when his beard was newly grown. Claire and Lud went off to the Peace Corps and other travels and settled eventually in Voorhees, NJ.

Rev. Dick Leonard

Scott Albertson, who manages Dick’s musical events, confirmed to the couple that, yes, Dick was probably the same fellow they met years ago, and Scott furnished the chocolate cake to celebrate. Over the years, Dick has married about 4,000 couples, and now more than 1700 people have attended musical events that he arranged first in his apartment and now at Clavier House.

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